• From immediately after your injury, to surgical recovery, to your return to play, this innovative, patient-guided rehab plan is designed to get you "back in the game".

  • Dr. Spero Karas specializes in shoulder, knee, and upper extremity conditions related to traumatic, degenerative, sports and work-related injuries.

Dr. Karas named one of "America's Top Doctors for Women"

December 5th, 2008

Dr. Spero Karas was recently recognized by Women's Health Magazine.  In a November 2008 feature entitled America's Top Doctors for Women, Dr. Karas made the list for orthopaedics/sports medicine (south region).

According to the article, important criterion to keep in mind when getting a physician recommendation from a friend or coworker should be:

  • does he or she let you talk (i.e. ready to listen)?
  • what's the longest you've ever had to wait to get an appointment?
  • does he or she do email?
  • does he or she inform you of all your test results?

That's good advice.